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Motortype is a Kenyan automotive advertising website.We connect car sellers/dealers with potential buyers.We are committed to serving our customers by offering the best affordable platform that is centered on our values and culture.We want to become the leaders of Automotive market.

Responsive is the most responsive site with a simple and interactive users interface.


With a passion for high quality products motortype offers the best collection of new and used cars for sale every day of the year.


Motortype team is committed to providing the best services and support to all motortype users.

How to sell your car

Guidelines for posting your ad

We are committed to serving our customers by offering the best affordable platform that is centered on our values and culture.Here are a few things you should know before you sell your car on Motortype.

a) Ensure your deal is genuine because any suspicious activity will lead to immediate suspension of your account

b) Ensure you have high quality images of your car and you upload them according to Motortype instructions because any blurred or irrelevant images will lead to your ad being taken down

c) Fill correct details of your car on the selling form and ensure you include all the relevant information of your car.Any irrelevant information is not allowed

How to stay safe on Motortype

It is our responsibility to guide you as our esteemed customer on how to use Motortype and ensure you get the best experience because you deserve it.Therefore, here are a few guidelines to ensure your safety while using Motortype:

a) Never buy a a car from a suspicious seller for example if the price is too low it is probably too good to be true.Always go with your insticts.

b) Report any suspicious activity on your account or any suspicious seller by clicking on the mail icon on the bottom of the page.

c) Never send money or make any transactions before you confirm the car you are about to buy is in a good condition by test driving it yourself or sending a professional to do it for you.

d) Always meet with a seller or buyer in a public place like the park or a restaurant

e) Ensure all the paperwork is done before paying any money

f) Never make foreign transactions

What We Do

We are the best automotive advertising website in Kenya

We make selling and buying of cars in Kenya easier for everyone.We provide the best platform for our users to ensure our products are legitimate and of the highest quality.



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