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How to buy a car - 5 important tips to buying a car in Kenya

1. Do your Research

The first thing you need to do is research the car you want to buy.There are very many sources of information nowadays including the internet where you can find out just about anything you want to know about any type of car.Consider talking to the experts who have a better understanding of the markets because knowing the manufacturer price is a powerful bargaining tool.Ensure that you research the availability of the spare parts and the cost of reparing and maintaining the car you want to buy.


2. Your Budget

How much money are you willing to spend on the car.Most Kenyans depend on bank loans especially if it is your first purchase.It is therefore very important to know your credit score which determines the amount of money you can receive from the bank.Compare the rates and choose the bank that works for you.Always buy a car that you can afford.


3. New or Used car?

After deciding on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the car, find out whether you can afford to buy a new car.It is advisable to buy a new car but if your budget disagrees, there are plenty of gently used cars available at an affordable price.The number of available used cars for sale has increased in kenya because many people prefer buying a pre owned car.If you decide to buy a used car it is necessary to visit a mechanic before you take the deal so that you can know the perfomance of the car.


4. Shop online

Buying a car online in kenya is more convenient than visiting dealerships.For instance, a website like has many new and used cars for sale from different dealers all over kenya with competing prices which gives you a chance to negotiate and end up with a much better price.Buying a car online is very effective.Always buy from verified dealers and ensure you test drive the car before making any payments.


5. The cost of Insurance

The cost of insuring a car differs depending on the type of car.You are required to provide information about the car's make and model and some personal information.You car is also valued.Insurance rates of some cars are higher than other depending on the value of the car. We hope that this article will help you make the right decision when buying your car in kenya



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